4 Crucial signs that your AC compressor requires attention

Compressor is one of the primary element in your AC. A significant portion of the AC’s operation is dependent on the operation of the compressor. But, knowing whether the compressor of your AC isn’t working properly isn’t easy.

The compressor is the most crucial but it is the most obscure component in your AC. It’s hard to see and determine that it needs attention. What’s the best way to get to go about it? How can you tell if your compressor is the one that is accountable for preventing your AC to provide a lot of comfort alongside? The answer lies beneath.

Does your compressor require attention?

Find out the most important indicators that indicate the AC compressor needs attention.

1) Condenser is making a loud and strange noise: It’s the first and possibly the most crucial indication of the possibility that the AC unit needs some care. If your condenser is producing strange and loud sounds it is likely that your compressor won’t begin smoothly.

Therefore, if you’ve heard strange noises coming from the condenser, be sure you go to a professional and have the compressor examined.

2) Airflow is reduced: A decrease in airflow through your AC is another indication of the fact that the AC compressor is beginning to wear out and needs to be replaced. There could be many reasons that cause a decrease in airflow however a weakening compressor is among them.

3) Vibrating condenser: Do you feel the vibrations when you place your hands onto the unit? If so, your compressor could be the cause in this instance. This is a very serious problem, and putting off the repair process could result in a significant cost. Contact us if you are looking for ac repair in Mississauga.

If you notice a condenser that is vibrating as an issue in your air conditioner, ensure that you have it addressed immediately.

4) The air conditioner is overheating: A compressor is one of the main reasons for why your AC is overheating. Therefore, if your AC is overheating, your compressor could be the cause. The excessive heat of the compressor results in an increased load on your AC and eventually leads to the circuit breakers to overheat.

These are the most obvious signs of the need for attention. It is true that an air conditioner can fail because of a variety of causes, but the possibility of an AC compressor that is weakening is a major cause.

If you’re looking for more details, or you’re looking for air conditioner repair in Mississauga, you can trust the One Touch experts to do the task right for you. If it’s compressor problems or any other issue, you will receive the most effective AC repair service from us. For a chat with our air conditioner repair service, contact our number at 416-844-4783.

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5 things to consider when you purchase a new furnace

Furnace makes our winters comfortable. That cozy warmth that the furnace comes alongside it can be compromised if the furnace stops working. This is why you must consider certain things before you purchase a furnace. Our furnace installation Mississauga lists those things here.

If you are looking to get a new furnace, read out this blog to know things you need to consider ensuring that your furnace is up to the mark.

Things you must consider before purchasing a new furnace

Read out the things you need to consider before your purchase a new furnace below.
1) Your home size: When you purchase a new furnace, the first thing you must consider is the size of your home. Buying a furnace that is too large will waste energy, and the temperature keeps on fluctuating.

While buying a furnace that is too small for your home will not allow the heat to reach every corner of your home.

You need to select the furnace that makes the heat reach every corner of the home optimally.

2) Fuel source in the furnace: You must know that every fuel type in the furnace comes with its own set of pros and cons. You need to know each of them and select the one that suits you the best.

The electric furnace is the best choice for a person in today’s era. However, our furnace installation Mississauga pros highly recommend knowing the insights of every fuel source before you select one furnace.

3) Furnace efficiency: If you are purchasing a new furnace, you need to ensure that it operates with full efficiency. Efficiency is a factor with which you cannot compromise at all.

The technology that the furnace use is also a crucial aspect when you decide the efficiency of your furnace.

4) Ease of installation: Installation of the furnace you select must not be too complicated. It won’t only affect the efficiency of the furnace, but it might also affect the structure of your house.

Thus, ensure that the furnace you select is easy to be installed.

5) Cost: The cost of the furnace you select mustn’t shake your budget a lot. Your furnace should be efficient yet economical. Thus, the last factor you need to consider when you purchase a new furnace; cost.

Selecting a new furnace is a huge task. You need to invest some time, do your research, and ensure that you consider the above factors to select the best.

If you have purchased a furnace and looking for a reliable team to install it, our furnace installation Mississauga experts are your answer. To connect with our team, and to get the work done from the best, contact us at 416-844-4783.

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Signs that your furnace requires emergency repair

Winters are tough when your furnace stops working. It’s always better to get it maintained before the season arrives. However, what if it suddenly stops working? And, what are the top signs that your furnace requires immediate attention from professionals? Our emergency furnace repair Brampton team answers this question here.

How do you know if your furnace requires emergency repair?

Check out the top signs that your furnace requires emergency repair below.

1) Weird smells: The first and the major sign that your furnace releases weird smells. Some of them include smoky smells, rotten eggs, burning or chemical odours.

If your furnace releases these sorts of smells, it’s high time that you reach out to the professionals and get the furnace checked.

2) Weird sounds: Agreed, furnaces are never quiet. But, if it keeps on making some weird sounds, which you have never heard, something might be wrong with your furnace, and it’s time to get it repaired by the professionals.

Anything a damaged blower might be a reason for your furnace releasing the weird sounds. If those sounds are irritating you, our furnace repair Brampton professionals recommend not wasting even a moment before you get it sorted.

3) In case of a gas leak: A gas leak is one of the most dangerous signs that a furnace releases when it requires immediate attention.

If you feel that the furnace is leaking the gas, turn it off immediately, and reach out to the professionals to get help.

4) Insufficient heat release: Of course, furnaces are there to warm you up in the chilly winters. But, something is wrong if it doesn’t throw sufficient heat.

Anything like the clogged filter, or loose wiring, etc. can be the reason for your furnace releasing insufficient heat. It’s always recommended to turn off the furnace and get it repaired on an immediate basis if you ever feel that the furnace isn’t releasing sufficient heat.

5) Uneven heating: This is another crucial sign signifying the fact that the furnace requires emergency repair. If you find cold and hot patches at your home, and if you feel that the furnace isn’t releasing heat on a consistent basis, it requires emergency repair.

People often ignore this sign. However, this ignorance often increases the extent of the damage, and thus increasing the cost and danger. Thus, it’s always wise to get the furnace repaired on an immediate basis if you feel that it is releasing uneven heat.

These are some top signs that signify the fact that your furnace requires emergency repair. If you are noticing any of the above signs, and require emergency repair, do reach out to our emergency furnace repair Brampton experts. To connect with our team, and get your furnace fixed from the best, do call us at 416-844-4783.

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5 AC safety tips you should know

Your AC can create a mess if not handled cautiously. Inefficient care of the Air Conditioner can risk your appliances and even your lives. Thus, it becomes important to ensure that you follow all the safety protocols in terms of maintaining AC safety. If your Air Conditioner is facing any issues, you can count on the One Touch Air Conditioner Repair team in Brampton to sort them out.

In this article, we list some AC safety that you must know to ensure that your device remains in the best form and doesn’t cause a serious mess for you.

Which safety AC tips you must keep in your mind

1) Changing & Cleaning AC Filters: AC Filter is the most important part of your Air Conditioner. It is your AC filter that is responsible for removing the dust particles from your device. And if your filter is not in the best working condition, polluted air awaits you. Thus, always get your filter cleaned & replaced at regular intervals.

2) Summer Maintenance is a must: Summer is the period when you will use your Air Conditioner the most. Using your AC for a long timeframe and that too without maintenance increase the chances of things like short-circuit. Reach out to our Air Conditioner Repair specialists in Caledon to know more.

3) Cleaning Your Air Conditioner: It is necessary to clean your air conditioner on the regular basis to ensure that dust doesn’t settle on it. Dust on the AC elevates the chances of fire and short circuits. Thus, always clean your AC.

4) Stay Attentive to Changes: When it comes to Air conditioners, it is necessary that you stay a bit alert to the changes happening in the system. Things like sticky wires, insufficient cooling demand your attention. Be quick to reach out to our experts and get things sorted.

5) User Manual is Important: Most users neglect the user manual which proves to be costly for them. Remember, a user manual incorporates every small piece of information about the usage instructions of your AC. Thus, read the entire user manual and ensure that you follow every instruction of the manual.

Keeping these tips in your mind will ensure that your Air Conditioner doesn’t create any mess for you. However, if your AC is giving you any sort of trouble, you can always trust our AC Repair Caledon professionals to solve them out. Reach out to our team by using the contact number 416-844-4783.

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5 tips to lower down AC bills

Summers are here! This season might give you a sense of frustration with the heat and rising Air Conditioner bills. Those rising bills might be a severe cause of frustration for you. However, there are certain factors that might help you to lower the AC bills. To get more guidance, you can count on One Touch AC Installation Experts in Mississauga.

This article will help you to figure out certain reliable ways to reduce your electricity bills due to the air conditioner.

Five Tips to Lower Down AC Bills

Check out some important tips to lower down AC bills below.
1) Block the Sunlight: Firstly, ensure that your room doesn’t have any direct access to the sunlight. The shadier your room is, the less effort your AC needs to invest to cool you down. And, as your air conditioner needs to invest less effort, the bills will lower down considerably.

2) Seal your Windows:  If your windows aren’t sealed efficiently, the air leaks which results in higher energy usage. And the higher energy usage purely implies increased bills. Thus, if you desire to reduce the bills due to the air conditioner, seal your windows tightly.

3) Right AC Size: Your AC Size plays an important role in your electric bills. Smaller AC Size than required will have to work harder and the larger AC size than required will consume more energy and thus resulting in elevated bills. Thus, to get your electricity bill, you need to ensure that the AC installed at your home is of the right size. To get right guidance, and quality installation, reach out to our AC Installation Brampton specialists now.

4) Timely Servicing: Regular servicing of the Air Conditioner makes it consume less power and thus reduce your electricity bills to a great extent. Thus, ensure that you make your AC serviced at regular intervals. Regular servicing of the Air Conditioner also increases its lifespan to a great extent.

5) Solar Panels: You might have often heard, solar panels always reduce energy bills. And they do! Thus, to save your energy bills due to the Air Conditioner and every other appliance, we recommend you installing the solar panels.

Executing these factors will definitely help to lower the AC bills to a considerable extent. If you are seeking the right guidance regarding Air Conditioner, contact the One Touch Air Conditioning Installation team of Mississauga at 416-844-4783.


How do I select the most trustworthy AC Repair Company?

If your AC is broken, you should find the top AC repair company to make sure your AC is in safe in the right hands. Many people are overwhelmed by the amount of repair options and ultimately choose the wrong provider. If you are seeking an experienced AC Repair service provider, the One Touch AC Repair Mississauga team could be the answer.

This article will help you avoid making mistakes when choosing the best AC Repair service provider. We’ve covered all the crucial aspects that you need to consider in order to choose the most suitable.

Five tips to select the most trustworthy AC Repair Services

1) Reputation Of the Company: Don’t work with a service provider whose reputation is poor. It is always wise to look over the reviews and ask for feedback from past customers. These kinds of data will provide you with an impression of the reputation on the market for the service provider.

2) Experience Timeframe: Experience is the most effective way to gain knowledge. Therefore, you should look into the past experience of a service provider prior to deciding on the identical. The more years of experience greater, the higher is the proficiency. One Touch AC Repair Caledon & Brampton specialists is backed by more than 13 years of experience that proves our skills.

3) Company’s Price Quotes: It is essential to be aware of the costs of services. You don’t want to strain your budget by utilizing services that cost too much. Be sure to request cost estimates from various businesses and then choose services which fit your budget.

4) Checking Work Ethics: This is an important indicator of the Air Conditioner repair company’s work ethics. What are they able to say to your questions? How do you explain the problem in your AC and what’s their strategy for fixing it? are just a few of the issues you need to take into consideration.

5) Insured Technician: If an unfortunate event occurs during AC repair is in progress the technician is responsible for the insurance amount. Make sure that the technician you hire is licensed and insured.

These are some tips to help you select the best AC repair service. You may be delighted to learn that our AC Repair Brampton & Caledon team includes all of these elements. Call us at 416-844-4783 to let your AC repaired by the most experienced technicians on the business.

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5 signs that AC gives before going down

AC is your best friend in the hot summer months. In case, it stops functioning, it could cause frustration for you. However, AC always displays indicators of it needing to be repaired which we often tend to overlook. Read this article to know the indicators your AC gives in terms of it requiring repair. If you see any of these symptoms it is time to reach out to the One Touch AC Repair Mississauga & GTA team right now. 

Top 5 signs that AC gives before going down 

Below are five indicators that indicate your AC needs repair. Have a read and decide whether or not your AC is in good condition and doesn’t require any attention. 

  1. No Cooling: Your AC may not be cooling your rooms as well as it was in the past. It’s easy to overlook this fact but insufficient cooling can be an important indicator that your AC is in need of some attention . 
    The AC that takes a long time to cool down your space is also a sign of insufficient cooling. Your AC may be taking longer to cool the room than it used. This could be a sign that the cooling system is in need to be maintained. 
  1. Unusual Noises: Definitely, AC can never be entirely silent. But if it is unfamiliar sounds, you might need to consider it further and reach out to the experts. Noises that aren’t familiar from your AC can be a sign that you have a problem or the machinery needs attention.  
    It could be anything like a damaged part, compressor defect and so on. could be the reason why your Air conditioner is making unfamiliar noises.  If you hear those strange sounds, contact our One Touch AC Repair Service experts in Brampton, Caledon & GTA now. 
  1. Droplets Leak: Water Leaks are a sign that almost all Air Conditioners have before they fall. It is usually caused by clogging of the drain line. Droplets of water may form in the beginning. You might end up paying more if you don’t address water leakage from your machine. It is therefore better to identify the issue as soon as you see drops of water leaking out for the first time from your AC. 
  1. Burning Odour: It could be that you have a burned insulation wire, or an inner short-circuit, if your AC emits a strong smell. It is crucial to speak with the experts as quickly as you can. If you don’t, it’s an invitation to health risks for your family members. 
  1. Increase in Humidity: reducing the indoor humidity is the primary task of your AC. The AC will not be able to do its task if there’s a high humidity in your home. And the primary reason for the same is that it needs some attention from the experts. If you need help for your humidifier issues call One Touch AC Repair Mississauga & GTA. 

These were some of the main indicators that are indicative of an Air Conditioner defect. The majority of people choose to ignore them which leads to increased costs and occasionally to AC Replacement. If you’re seeing any of these symptoms and seeking a reliable source of help contact the One Touch Air Conditioner Repair service Brampton & GTA team at 416-844-4783 now. 

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What is the importance of a perfect AC installation?

It is crucial to be equipped with an AC system that works efficiently. A poorly designed installation could result in inefficiency or even death. To ensure the most efficient AC installation hiring a competent team is of the utmost importance. One Touch Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga & GTA is the most trusted team to use for AC installation. 

How is an efficient AC installation important? 

What makes AC installation so important? We list the reasons why AC Installation is essential below. 

  1. Safety Norms: A faulty AC installation could result in an unlucky event that could affect your health as well as the health of your family members. Although an AC unit that meets safety standards is effective and won’t cause any unfortunate events however, it is still properly installed. 
  1. Lower Service Costs: An ineffectively installed AC could result in a variety of defects, which will ultimately increase the cost of service. An appropriately installed AC signifies that everything is in its right position, with the possibility of a defect reducing. Therefore, if your AC is installed correctly and maintained, minimal costs for service will be in the future for you. 
  1. Extension of the AC Life Span: A successful AC installation is directly related to the prolonged life of the machine. If the installation is not done correctly then the chances of falling apart soon are significant and you could have to replace the entire well before the ideal replacement time. If you wish to keep your AC operating for prolonged periods of time, make sure it’s properly installed. For more details, call One Touch AC Installation Brampton & GTA to ensure that the system has been properly installed. 
  1. Lowered Noise: A poor AC installation increases the operating noise of the system , which could give you a sense of frustration and irritation. Although the AC’s machine cannot be totally silent, it is still irritating. An inefficient AC installation could be the primary cause for this sound. It is essential to correct it. 
  1. Pay Less for Energy Bills: A poor AC installation will often consume more energy, which eventually leads to higher energy bills. These bills can be very high for your budget. Therefore, a well-designed AC installation not only helps you in safety but also helps you pay the best energy consumption. 

We hope you recognize the significance of an AC installation. In order to ensure a proper AC installation, hiring an efficient AC Installation team is of paramount importance. To do so call One Touch Air Conditioning Installation Mississauga & GTA experts at 416-844-4783 now. 


Air conditioner repair Brampton

Hire reliable Brampton air conditioner repair experts for all types of ac units in Canada. One Touch Heating & Air Conditioning comes with a promise of providing the air conditioner repair services economically, with quality, and within no time.

Book your appointment with our air conditioner repair team now. Our team will be quick to visit you, analyze the issue with your AC, and provide the best quality of services.

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